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Capabilities and Services

Decades of multi-industry part design consulting allows BCL to work directly with your personnel to collaborate on best practice designs. We use our experience to avoid the mistakes of the past while creating a path to a solid manufacturable part. BCL helps you build the parts that make your product sell.

Mold & Tool Building

Our pattern shop hand-builds molds and tools for production needs both in-house for BCL and for 3rd party use. Demand for our shop work is high because our personnel are artisans with decades of experience. We work with you to build your key tools like they are our own.

Laminated Fiberglass Parts

BCL’S two facilities and multi-acre campus all us to supply component parts to multiple industry sectors of all shapes and sizes. BCL builds parts from a dozen pounds to hundreds of pounds. The open mold lamination process is performed in a sandable primer so you can paint if you wish. We utilize dozens of standard and custom gel colors to differentiate your product.

Proven Success

Our success for decades is building the best quality fiberglass parts in the area. We pride ourselves on minimal reject parts so that when a BCL delivery occurs, the parts can go straight to the production line.